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Interview with Contrast By Radoslaw Pujan for

Our very first exclusive editorial has been a proposition of Radoslaw Pujan, the idea behind was to play with contrasts, with colors and black & White. So the final project shows photos both in color or black and white,all shot with a medium format film camera (Hasselblad 6x6 and Pentax 6x7).

"I wanted to show girls like in playing mood, having fun, but also something erotic with a story in it. Created few ideas and realized those one after one." - Radoslaw Pujan

"I had two very different models. So I needed opposite lingerie. Black for white and White for have contrast on bodies. As the place is so colorful and one model's hairs were orange, I decided to do part of photos in colors, that I usually not do, so also found some strong color clothes" - Radoslaw Pujan

Thanks a lot to Radoslaw Pujan for submiting his work to and by the way opening with us our new "Exclusives photos Session" section on the site. Are you an already published photographer on Up-her ? Please contact us so we can publish also exclusive parts of your work.

Photos by Radoslaw Pujan

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