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Interview with Bedtime By Angel Vargas

A couple of months ago we've published our first exclusive editorial by Radoslaw Pujan.
Our goal with editorials is to
show a full photoshooting and not only one single photo as we use to do. If one photo can be awesome it often takes more power and sense with a full serie. So here is our second editorial, realized by Angel Vargas for called "Bedtime", and composed with photos both in black & white and color.

Here is how Angel Vargas describe this photoshoot:

I had been working with this model for some catalogs and I saw in her, a special beauty, soft, tender, pure, that she could create so much beauty in an intimate shoot. A simple setup in a clean space, so she could play with her inner beauty and let the light to capture her sensuality.

This is one of my intimate nude projects where the main actor is the model, no clothes, no accesories, no distractions, her skin and her soul playing with light. Although if I do prefer to shoot this kind of nude photography in black and white, some times colors play well with the mood of the scene.

We (The model and I) are very happy with the results and I'm very glad to find models that love and participate in this kind of photography that help me enhance the beauty of femininity.

I keep working this intimate nude along with my other passion in artistic photography that is aestetic nude figures and forms playing with lights and shadows, giving elegance, strenght and movement to the most beautiful tool that we have, our body.

As always, thanks a lot to Angel Vargas for this exclusive editorials and his time to prepare it.
Publishing a photoshoot on is always a great experience, as the result is much more expressive than a single shoot, and it's a great oportunity to talk with photographers.
If you are an already published photographer on and want to propose us an editorial, please contact us, we'll be pleased to talk with you.

Photos by Angel Vargas

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