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Interview with Interview with photographer Claudia Wycisk

One month after publishing in October our first interview with a female photographer (Mario Zanaria), here comes the second one as an interview with great photographer Claudia Wycisk.
She tells us how she works, get inspiration and give us more details about her caritative projet “players for children”

Up-her: Hi Claudia, can you introduce yourself and your work with some words?
I am a passionate people photographer since 2009 and I come from Germany.
My grandmother gave me a push in the right direction to buy a camera while we were having coffee
together on a Sunday afternoon. From that moment, photography has grown into an indispensable
part of my life. Through photography I had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people with whom
I collaborated on great ideas and spent a fantastic time.

Up-her: How would you describe your photograpic work? Can you illustrate it with photos? 
I would say my photography is very sentimental. With every picture I would like to create emotions,
so that people get drawn into the photos. Sometimes they might even find themselves in one of
these pictures. A view into the soul. It's hard to say which of my pictures is my favorite. But the
following photos provide a good idea of my work:

Up-Her: Is portrait photography your main subject? What others subjects do you like (some photos to 
show us)?
Yes, portrait photography is my main subject. 

Up-Her: You How do you describe your photographic style?
That’s a difficult question, but I will try to describe it in a few words: My photographic style is
sentimental, expressive, thoughtfully and a little dramatic.

Up-her: When you started shooting portrait and specifically female what was the main difficulty?
In order to make good pictures it is very important to create a connection between the model and
the photographer. If there is no such connection I simply cannot make any good pictures. That’s why
the communication before every shooting is so crucial. With some models the connection is great
from the first moment of meeting each other, but this doesn’t always happen. But that’s ok, too. For
me it is very interesting to work with the models until they trust me enough to let go. You can
practically see how they become more themselves with every picture that I take.

Up-her: Can you define what "beauty" means for you?
Beauty doesn’t have anything to do with perfect looks. One of my favorite quotes is: “It’s better to be
a square something, than to be a round nothing!” I think this quote sums up my thoughts. I like
people with character and some edge to them. This is the kind of model that I like to see in front of
my camera. So beauty to me is really something that people carry inside them. The soul, the
expression, the devotion to open up to me.

Up-Her: While preparing a shooting, what are the steps you follow to be sure the results will as you
wanted it to be?
The only and important thing in order to make good pictures is to create connection between the
model and me. If there is no connection I can’t take emotional pictures. Other than that, I follow no
fixed rules to take good pictures. Many things happen spontaneously. This is great, because from my
experience, spontaneity brings the best results. 

Up-Her: What is your most bizzare, weird, horrible, funiest, scarriest or touching story from a photo shoot?
I have a lot of touching moments or stories - please take a look at my photos ;)
There are also funny moments, but horrible, bizzare, scarriest – NO! ;)

Up-Her: Can you tell something about what will be your next big project/shooting? 
Our project “players for children” is in full swing ( It is a charity project
that I’m working on together with hair & make-up Artist Carola Hickl. Together, we created portraits
of German actors in Berlin. All earnings of the portraits we’re hoping to sell will go to a children’s
cancer aid association. The Shootings have now been completed. For the upcoming charity event I
am organizing and planning a lot of things right now. This takes up a lot of energy but I’m very happy
to be able to work on this charity project.

Up-her: That's a great project! Are you shooting only german actors ? Do you plan to shoot more people, in others countries to make the project bigger ?
Yes, so far we have only photographed german actors. The project won't be over after the charity event April 2013. We want to support
children's cancer aid association with our work, so we would love to photograph actors from other countries.
Anyone wishing to participate as a sponsor in our project, can contact us.
We are continuously looking for sponsors.

Up-her: Remember to let us know when your book is available for sell.
Yes, I’ll let you know!

Up-Her: Where do you get inspiration?
I get inspiration everywhere. From people I meet, while walking with my dog or horses, from films,
the internet, and so on. It’s coming from all directions, really.

Up-her: Is there any beauty/fashion/portrait photographers you particulary love and think we should give exposure to on Up-her ? 
I like the following photographers who are also inspiring me: Sylwia Makris, Hannes Caspar, Sergey P. Iron. They are all very special in their photographic style – I like them very much! 

Up-Her: Anything you want to add? 
Well, thanks for the interview! I’m happy you found my work interesting.

Photos by Claudia Wycisk

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