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Interview with Interview with photographer Michael Dorr

For its fourth interview is glad to had the ooportunity to ask some questions to Michael Dörr, maybe one of the very first photographers we published on our website. An occasion to remember that two years after we still love his nude and portrait photographs.

Up-her: Hi Michael, can you introduce yourself and your work with some words?
My name is Michael Dörr. Since my childhood, photography has been my passion. One day I discovered my passion for portrait photography.

Up-her: Can you illustrate your work with photos?

Up-her: on your flickr stream you only publish analog photography, you don't use digital camera at all ?
I own a digital camera but I prefer analog photography

Why do you still prefer film to pixels ?
I sense the analogue photograpy as something sensible and silent. The whole workflow contains a given sensualism and deepness. I've tried to implement these feelings in digital photography but I never found the same satisfaction as I have with analogue photography. I wouldn't say that analogue photography is better than digital, however analogue photography personally avokes a greater sense of happiness and truth.

Up-her: Is portrait photography your main subject? What others subjects do you like?
Portrait photography isn’t just my main topic, it’s the only topic I am engaged in.
You could not classify it as portrait or nude because for me nude photography is also a sort of portrait

Up-her: You How do you describe your photographic style?
I would describe my style as conservative.
I see myself as an observer and dialogue partner comparably. I prefer to create silent, personal pictures. I don’t attach importance to meet my counterparts ego, I’m looking for commutation. 
Up-her: When you started shooting portrait and specifically female what was the main difficulty?
I think the first sticking point is getting in touch, opening yourself and earning your model’s confidence. For most models it proves to be difficult and takes some time. On the other hand it’s an amazing feeling if the ice is broken. For this reason I prefer working with the same model several times. I feel more comfortable with familiarity.
In my opinion the story or relation behind a picture counts more than the picture itself. 

Up-her: Can you define what "beauty" means for you?

Up-her: While preparing a shooting, what are the steps you follow to be sure the results will as you wanted it to be?
I’m photograph more than I plan. Although, I may plan for example a beautiful afternoon were some pictures will be done. 
Additionally I try looking for locations where the model and I both feel comfortable. 
Wheter the location be a nice appartment, aflield beach or other places that represent something special that allows us to work without interruption, 
Also I take notes of all ideas I have and think about which of these I could implement in my upcoming shooting. Of course I worry about things such as the lighting, cameras and film. 

Up-her: What is your most bizarre, weird, horrible, funniest, scariest or touching story from a photo shoot?
I had never experienced a superlative. My stories act more or less in emotional interactions and would bore outsiders.

Up-her: Can you tell something about what will be your next big project/shooting? 
Due to my job – related re-orientation in Switzerland I have had a one year long hiatus but I plan on returning to my photography soon. My first task ist to relearn my routine. Certainly I will remain true to portrait photography because for me there is no project in a narrower sense. I’d like to photograph at or in the water. Sadly I have to wait until summer. 

Up-her: Where do you get inspiration from?
From everything I can see day in, day out. As with most of the photographers I observe my ambience keenly. In the Bus, on the street, at every instance. I’m also inspired by colors, Light situations and Art- exhibitions. Finally everything I sense, visual and emotional, leaves an impression in a special manner and possibly I will be able to recover that in one of my photos.

Up-her: Is there any beauty/fashion/portrait photographers you particularly love and think we should give exposure to on Up-her ? 
I’m fond of so many Photographers, even if I know their names only in rare cases.
But I’m definitly affected and inspired by Jock Sturges and Sally Mann. Of course I like loads of photographers on Flickr. Perhaps some of you will look at my favorites on Flickr.I Certainly think you will find some more Photographers who would be very interesting for an interview. 

Up-her: Anything you want to add?
This is a good chance to thank all the people who gave me the opportunity to tell you a bit about my Photography and to thanks to all of the people who believed in me and had surrendered their heart in front of my lens.

Photos by Michael Dörr

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