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Interview with Interview with photographer Stefan Beutler

After a couple of weeks without new interviews (but a lot of awesome pics), here is a new one.
This time we asked our questions to Stefan Beutler, an great photographer from Germany, his well knows portraits are great, but he is also a talented nude and sensual photographer.

Up-her: Hi Stefan, can you introduce yourself and your work with some words?
Hi. It's a great pleasure for me. My name is Stefan Beutler, 44 years old. Living in Germany, Oberhausen. 
I have a beautiful wife which is the most important person in my live and a wonderful 25 year old daughter. 
Photography is not my profession but my passion. Mainly in portrait photography.

Up-her: How would you describe your photographic work? Can you illustrate it with photos? 
My work is very minimalist, trying to catch the soul of the model just with my camera, a lot of conversation during the shoot mostly done with available light.  It makes me independent and I'm able to catch the perfect moment while talking  to the photo between the photos :)

Up-Her: Is portrait photography your main subject? What others subjects do you like (some photos to show us)?
Portrait is my favorite, but i'm also very interested in sensual, erotic, aesthetic nude pictures as well.

Up-Her: How do you describe your photographic style?
Sensual, deep. Always open aperture. trying to catch the sensual beauty in every model…

Up-her: When you started shooting portrait and specifically female what was the main difficulty?
I haven't had much experience with female models, because my first models were babies. So it was difficult to get models who had confidence in me and my work.
Many of my related and friends had to sacrifice for various shootings to create a first portfolio, but it helps.  I started talking to women on the street and had the first successes

Up-her: When did you start shooting female and why did you choose this kind of photography ? 
I've started with a small living room studio with flashes. I quickly realized, however, that this situation didn't satisfy me and that I was very restricted in options. So I chose to photograph with available daylight and in the course of time has developed my style

Up-her: Can you define what "beauty" means for you?
Beauty doesn't mean a perfect face, body or skin. It means human charisma to me.

Up-Her: While preparing a shooting, what are the steps you follow to be sure the results will as you wanted it to be?
Time and relationship during a shoot are the most important facts. 
To get emotional pictures, it is essential to establish a relationship with the model.  All other decisions are spontaneous.

Up-Her: You work with a digital camera, did you try to work with film camera ? Is it something you would like to ?
I've started with film years ago (darkroom included) but i prefer to see the results directly on the camera. 
Seeing the result on a cam is also an important fact for the model to get a pleasant atmosphere ;)

Up-Her: When do you choose a photograph will be a color or black and white photograph?
My workflow is always to develop the photo both in BW and color and then I choose the one I most like.

Up-Her: Where do you get inspiration from?
Inspiration comes from different situations in my life, some fantastic internet forums, magazine etc… It also depends on the location during the shoot which gave me spontaneously inspiration 

Up-Her: What is your most bizarre, weird, horrible, funniest, scariest or touching story from a photo shoot?
Sorry, no bizarre, weird or something else. But be sure… each shooting is unique and always a special experience 

Up-Her: Can you pick one of your photo you especially like and explain us why ? A story behind ? Difficulties you had to face to ? 
Actualy I love blind visions. I love the situation, the clothes and how it falls over her body and at -3 ° C, stormy wind and snowfall.

Up-her:In the long term do you plan to change the kind of photos you make ? In a technical or stylistic way ?
I'm always interested me to develop further photographic plane. both the technical as well as on the flat stylistic.
But i always come back to my style, because i love it

Up-her: You have both a flickr, a website and 500px account, how do you manage them ? Which photos do you publish on each of them ?
It's not so difficult to manage them. I try not to post too many photos and if i post one, then the same on all sites.

Up-Her: 500px and flickr are quite similar, do you prefer one or the other ? Why ?
Both sites have advantages. I do not prefer one of them

Up-her: Is there any beauty/fashion/portrait photographers you particularly love and think we should give exposure to on Up-her ? 
mainly i love the work from Gioacchino del Erba and Rolland Andras Flinta they're doing a great job and are very creative guys. I also love a lot of the east european photographers, which are so talented and creative.

Up-Her: Anything you want to add? 
Gioacchino once called a sentence of very influential: "Do your photos with your heart, not with the technic." 
Thanks for being part of your fantastic site.

Up-Her: Thanks a lot for you time Stefan.

Photos by Stefan Beutler

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