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Up-her has 2 mains goals, the first one is to help visitors to discover great photos and photographers picturing with talent the woman in all her aspects : fashion, portrait and even nude, always with a very artistic point of view. The second one is to expose photographers and make them as possible as we can a little bit more famous.

All photos showed here are the exclusive property of the photographers and will be always provided with links to their websites and/Flickr Stream. So please if you like a photo please tell it to the author, here is one of our goal.

If you own credits for photos presented here and don't want it to appear on, please tell us we'll remove it as far as we can.

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We're always looking for new work and photographers to expose, so if you think UpHer is a great place to show your own work or the one of a photographer you love, please teake a look to the "submit" page.

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This website is owned by Guillaume Le Roy, I'm also a photographer in a no-related domain, but woman photography remains the kind of photography I really like, so I wanted to share this passion trought a dedicated website.
The very first idea was to share my Flickr favorites, but it would be too restrictive. So you'll find here photographs from all over the web.

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