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Interview with Interview with photographer Mario Zanaria is proud to inaugurate a new section here, with an interview with one of our favorite Female photographer : Mario Zanaria.
So here are some questions/answers about how Mario works, where does it get inspirations and more.

Up-her: Hi Mario Zanaria, can you introduce yourself and your work with some words ?
I am a photographer from Milano, Italy. I have started taking pictures when I was twelve and I have always been attracted by people that's the main subject of my work

Up-her: How would you describe your photograpic work ? Can you illustrate it with some photos ?
Well, I always find it difficult to describe my work, mainly because I think that pictures should speak for themselves. It's more or less like jokes: if you have to explain them it means they don't work.

Basically I take portraits and I try to make them as simple and credible as possible. What I try to do is to make myself and portray an opinion of my subject. And to do this I try to avoid any trick.

I don't really favorites pictures, I think these can give a good idea of what I do:

Up-her: Is portrait/beauty/fashion photography your main subject ?
Yes, it is. It is actually 90% of my work at least.

Up-her:  What others subjects do you like (some photos to show us) ?
Well, I would put reportage into the former categories, as people ar my main subject there too.
I also shot some landscapes sometimes, when I see something that I really find interesting. But I wouldn't go out to look for pictures, it is something that simply happens.

Up-her: How do you describe your photographic style ?
To tell the truth I don't even know if I have a style. I like experimenting and try different things. Probably the common line is truthfulness, if any truth can be found in photography.

Up-her: How did you start shooting female ? what was the main difficulty ?
I started because I found myself looking at that kind of pictures and I understood that I did not want to look at them but I wanted to do them.
In the beginning the most difficult thing was to find a scheme that had a sense, so I started with my Naked Truth project in which I tried to get rid of anything other than the person I was portraying. It was actually a way for me to see what I was looking for in those pictures, a kind of self portrait through a picture of somebody else. It was, and still is, difficult to build an opinion of that person and try to make it become a picture.

Probably the most difficult thing is to avoid any complaisance and make it real, regardless of what anybody else will think of it.

Up-her: Can you define what "beauty" means for you ?
To me it is really an sensation, more than some precise elements. I think it is that moment in which you can't help to stare and be happy of what you're looking at.

Up-her: How is do you prepare a shooting, where does the idea of the shooting comes from, how do you prepare it?
It really depends on the shootings.
For commercial or fashion ones I would try to prepare basing on a theme, an idea to follow.
For personal ones it is much more based on the person. If I find someone who inspires me I would just find a place (possibly one that tells about the subject) and follow the inspiration of the moment.
 It is quite risky because sometimes it simply doesn't work: the person in front of me may be not willing to give me anything or would want to have a push that is much stronger than what I am able to and the shooting would end with some pretty pics, but nothing really meaningful. On the other hands sometimes you find people you are on the same line with and that repays you largely.

Up-her: What is your most bizzare, weird, horrible, funiest, scarriest or touching story from a photo shoot ? 

Actually I think I have been lucky, no weird or horrible stories.

Up-her: Can you tell something about what will be your next big project/ shooting ?
I am currently going back to the origins and taking portraits of artists in their studios and pushing forward my pianosequenza work

Up-her: Where do you get inspiration ?
Anywhere: books, movies, art exhibitions, scenes I see walking in the streets, people I meet… anything can be a source of inspiration

Up-her: Is there any beauty/fashion/portrait photographers you particulary love and think we should give exposure on Up-her ? ( A photo you particulary like ) ? 
I really love photography, I watch anything I can in exhibitions, books, websites, so I have a lot of people I really like. One I think deserves much more attention than he currently has is Pasquale Salerno. I think he is a great great photographer, he has a great eye and ideas, he is an endless source of inspiration.

Up-her: Anything you want to add ?
Well, thank you for the opportunity!

Photos by Mario Zanaria

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